Thursday, November 13, 2014

Midnight (or day) with Garden Lites - they're good, not evil :)

Most people think soufflés are all eggs and cheese or chocolate. Occasionally, some extras
can be tossed to ratchet up the flavors for an entree that is more substantial.  Unknown to
many is that all soufflé recipes call for wheat flour - usually a tablespoon or two. Even this small amount can be unhealthy for those who are wheat intolerant (and worse for those with Celiac).

Garden Lites ( ) has developed some great gluten-free soufflés for everyone to enjoy. Light and low in calories while packed with protein and other nutrients, the flavors range from Butternut Squash to Southwestern to Zucchini. 

Each frozen selection can be made in an oven or microwave and can be served as a light entree (top with cheese and bacon bits to enhance them) or a side dish. Easy to find in the freezer section at a local Super Target store on Park Boulevard and the Tollway (, the Garden Lites also has a page on their website to locate all stores in your area to find all of their products.

Look for muffins, veggie chili and cornbread melt, and many other special seasonal
vegetable treats (like Pumpkin Spice Soufflé). 

There's a lot of good eating from this garden.