Friday, June 13, 2014

Salata - for salads that are great and gluten-free

Salata - The Next Generation Salad Bar is a restaurant chain making a commitment to healthy eating for all diners and especially those who eat gluten-free. Why? Salata states, "We respect the dietary restrictions of our customers and made a few modifications to our recipes to provide healthy dining options for all of our customers."

Wow. Salata gets it. Great recipes with a few modifications equals a menu for everyone to enjoy.
In addition, Salata informs diners that they do have a few items that are not gluten-free, that their restaurants are not a gluten-free environments, and to always be aware that cross-contamination can occur. They recommend that you speak with your location's Kitchen Manager, Owner, or Chef (who you will find are readily available and happy to help) before ordering because they practice "proper procedures when preparing gluten-free items and do our very best to ensure a final gluten-free product," according to their corporate offices.
Salata's website provides additional information on their products (dressings, soups, and sauces) as well as additional resources for their patrons at:
When you visit Salata here a few tasty tips to keep in mind because there is so much to choose from:
1) The first sign you see on the glass at the beginning of the salad assembly line encourages you to mention to a server if you need special assistance with a gluten-free meal. People are friendly and willing to help, so speak up.
2) There are lots of savory and sweet choices (from all the usual salad bar options and also a large variety of nuts & seeds, cheeses, dried and fresh fruits).
3) There are many dressings to choose from and the servers are happy to provide you with a tasting spoon so that you can sample them before your custom salad is tossed.
4) Go hungry. Portions are ample and a cup of one of the hot soups make a great add-on for a full meal.
To find a location near you, visit: and enjoy "Salata" great food.

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