Friday, April 18, 2014

Gluten-free guilty pleasures :)

For many of us who must eat gluten-freebecause of an intolerance or allergy to gluten, every now and then it’s great to indulge in a treat that gives you the satisfaction that only certain comfort foods can bring. Here are a few worth considering that are local and virtual...
First on the list are real, authentic 'Philadelphia Cheesesteaks'. There are those that say the roll is as important as what is inside it, but if you have great sliced steak meat and an abundance of cheese, the roll only plays a supporting… role! There is no better cheesesteak in Plano (or North Texas) than Fred’s Downtown Philly Cheesesteaks. Fred, a native of Philadelphia, ‘imports’ all his authentic ingredients and his team cooks it up on a flat top grill in the traditional style. Fred’s will take all that tender and tasty goodness and make you a ‘Cheesesteak Salad’ with no gluten products in it. Go. Eat. It will change your life.
There are lots of bakeries out there that claim they have gluten-free goodies to purchase. Sometimes, they don’t bake them every day. Sometimes, the stuff is plain nasty. However, there is one bakery (a national chain) that always is baking gluten-free red velvet cupcakes with sinfully rich frosting. That bakery is Sprinkles. There is only one location in Dallas on Villanova Drive off of Preston Road. Take a road trip if you must to this location or any of the others across the country that are near you – and I promise you will find a moist, chocolate-y red velvet cupcake generously frosted, gluten-free, and freshly made.
If you can't find it, make it. One of the best websites for gluten-free recipes that includes a hefty dose of humor is Writer Mellissa Sevigny creates terrific recipes out of easy to find ingredients. Make her ‘Cream Cheese Pancakes’ for a special breakfast or just everyday, and delight in knowing there is no flour in them and the protein is excellent. It takes 4 ingredients: eggs, cream cheese, sweetener (like Stevia or Splenda), and cinnamon. Rich and luscious topped with maple syrup and some sliced berries, this gluten-free dish will make everyone ask for more. Here’s the link to save you some time:
No one out there today has as wide a variety of amazing gluten-free recipes better than Mellissa and her blog I breathe… I’m hungry is a hoot!
Have fun this weekend. Whether trying out a new restaurant or recipe, everyone can enjoy eating a guilty pleasure food that is also gluten-free.

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