Friday, April 25, 2014

Gluten-free websites that rock!

Finding unique and interesting information on all things gluten-free can be difficult if you don't have many hours to surf the 'net. Here are some places on the information highway you might like to 'land on' and enjoy for their original content, variety of products talked about, and originality.
One website that is the foundation for a magazine (and a blog, too) is Simply Gluten Free. Their link to this feast of information is: Carol Kicinski, who first published the magazine in November 2011, describes herself as, "...a professional recipe developer, television chef, magazine founder and editor-in-chief, freelance writer and cookbook author. I cook. I write. I travel. And I do it all gluten-free!" Carol also provides an enormous amount of recipes in every category you can imagine for ease of finding inspiration in one place. Click on the 'Recipes' tab and be prepared to be pleasantly overwhelmed.
Looking for a gluten-free vacation where you will not only be pampered, but have fun learning how to re-create the foods you love at home? Visit Jovial Foods at: You will learn about their story, the purity of their foods (they have a great product line), but also one interesting twist - they also have a travel site.
Several times throughout the year you can travel to Italy with co-founder, Carla, " experience first-hand that great Italian food can, indeed, be gluten-free and delicious. With nearly twenty years of experience as an organic food manufacturer, she also has a deep understanding of food, nutrition and cooking. Spending a week together with Carla will open your eyes to authentic Italian cooking with a New World sensibility,as she shares the secrets she has learned from her life in Italy. You will travel home feeling nourished and refreshed, with a vast assortment of einkorn, fish, heritage meat and seasonal vegetables dishes that you have mastered in hands-on classes."
And, just one more suggestion... visit to share in her blog and really get to know Shauna Ahern (a former English teacher) and follow her on a journey from undiagnosed pain and suffering to diagnosed with Celiac disease and now a 'Gluten-free Girl'. It is uplifting, encouraging, and interesting because in addition to the recipes, she also posts videos. Also, take a moment to review FAQ's - and if what you're looking for isn't there, you can email her. What a concept!
Have fun exploring these websites and please feel free to email me with yours. I would love to include them in a future column. Happy reading!

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