Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Travel tips for gluten-free eating away from home

When you have to (or want to) eat gluten-free food while away from home, some pre-trip preparations need to happen to avoid hunger and always have a viable, nutritious choice. Let's face it, a banana or other fruit is nice, but it can get squashed along the way. A sack of potato chips in an airport isn't going to carry your energy level very long. So, here are some ideas to enjoy your trip whether it is for business or pleasure.
If you're going on a cruise or to an all-inclusive resort, meals and snacks are already in the price you have paid. The best time to speak up about your gluten-free needs is before you get to where you are going. A call to a cruise line, hotel or resort will not only have them aware of your need, but also may provide you with special selections to choose from. Even a small bed-and-breakfast in a country setting is often happy to accomodate a guest. It is your responsibility to ask and inform the establishment.
One cruise line that is especially helpful is Celebrity Cruises (http://www.celebritycruises.com/). On their website page labeled 'Special Dietary Needs' they will provide the information on when to contact them so that they can have everything you need on board for a memorable vacation.
Taking a trip to 'the happiest place on Earth'? The website for Allergy Eats will tall you about each option in each park in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Take a look at the web page devoted to making everyone happy with many options for everyone to have a great time. See: http://www.allergyeats.com/disney/
Most important (besides packing a sack full of your favorite gluten-free nutrition bars), is to download an app to your smart phone from Gluten Free Travel Site at http://glutenfreetravelsite.com/. At your fingertips will be restaurant reviews, resources, and a place for you to submit a review as well. Your input will help other travelers and you reap the benefit of others' experiences, too.
With a little prep time before any trip (and a handy app during it) everyone can now enjoy visiting a place and enjoying its cuisine away from home.

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